Reforestation and monitoring take place on Friday afternoons at Loharanosoa College.

2 groups of adults, supervised by Mrs. Vonjy and Mr. Patrice have been formed for several months already. The small classes T1 and T2 did not participate yet.

The young students watched the older ones plant and care for their plants. Some asked to plant too, like the big ones.

We saw that some little ones started copying the big ones: they dug the same little round holes and planted young plants or flowers. Faced with so much enthusiasm, we decided to include them in the program. At first, we had thought of reserving a small plot for them where they could plant flowers. Ultimately ; we choose to do like the grown-ups. We have young plants of 'voandelaka', 'fano', 'eucalyptus' in our nursery.

13 students in Made Christine's class

So, this Monday, April 4, 2022, Made Christine proposed to replace the afternoon nap with the reforestation session for T1s. Mr Liva had already prepared and taken the young plants out of the nursery. He had also prepared the holes. The children just have to place the young plants and water them. Each child will be responsible for his plant and its follow-up.

They had a lot of fun and enthusiasm. Hands are full of sludge. Obviously, this does not bother anyone, quite the contrary. Everyone methodically pushes in their plant. Mr Liva helps them and sprinkles them with each to finish. We end with the photo shoot and hand washing. They then join their class, after the stopover in the toilets.

The next morning, the children walk past their plants to see if they have grown. Some plants are wilted. The children are almost desperate to see them like this. We tell them that wilted or dead plants will be replaced next Monday, after a 7-day observation period. The following Monday, after a week without rain. They watered every day. We proceeded to follow up and replace the young withered shoots. 2 students are absent, the others have taken care of their plants.

Given the enthusiasm of these young children of T1, we will continue the experience every Monday afternoon. It only lasts an hour. When the children arrive in the morning, they have become accustomed to going to the planting area to watch the progress of their work, like the grown-ups.

Our educational team hopes to inculcate the habit of planting and reforesting. The school grounds were originally intended for harvesting rice, "ampamilaona". There was almost nothing. The entire first layer of earth was leveled off by gravity erosion. Everything had to be greened and planted. It is an everyday struggle. Rain and wind wreak havoc in our area. And obviously, for now, the students of LOHARANOSOA are taking it seriously. Some "holes" are veritable miniature gardens.

If you also want to come and plant with your friends, we would be very happy to welcome you for a weekend. Especially during the rainy season. You can sponsor micro-projects. Our canteen is under construction: any sponsor or contributor is welcome.

Reforestation with Made Christine and Young child of Loharanosoa Madagascar

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