Results for CEPE & BEPC exams at Loharanosoa 2019-2020
For this 2019/2020 school year, here are the exam results. It is indeed in a difficult context in these times of COVID-19 that our teachers have organized themselves to prepare our students for the exams.

How did our teachers organize themselves?

By first following the instructions of the Ministry of National Education: only examination classes attending Loharanosoa college: T5 (CM2) and the third class.
The others receive their homework and return it at the end of the week.
The barrier gestures have been respected, ie: wear the mouth shields and social distancing of 1 meter, cleaning the hands.


CEPE Number of students 12
   Present at the exam  11
  Pass the exam  10
  Teacher's name Sabine 
   Success rate  90%


BEPC Number of students 7
   Present at the exam 7
  Pass the exam  4
  Teacher's name Patricia, Marinah &Salohy
   Success rate  60%

Why is this year 2020 so special for our BEPC students?

  • The teaching team has formed a double class: the fourth and the third are together!
  • 1 teacher for 2 subjects
We extend our congratulations to the students and teachers for their success in the examinations for the Certificate of Primary and Elementary Studies and the Brevet d'Etudes du Premier Cycle du Second Degree.

Miss Annie recalls here in this video the arrangements made in the school grounds.

The team of teachers from the LOHARANOSOA College in Soamanana, Ampahimanga, Arivonimamo, Madagascar have provided for the 2020 pandemic. All alone in the mountains, in an isolated area, less than an hour from Antananarivo.