Our Students plant TAPIAS seeds
The TAPIA tree grows only in the region of Itasy, from Arivonimamo to Miarinarivo. It grows in the wild. It produces fruits, bearing the same name. They said that it can be germinated easily. Some replanting programs exist, led by NGOs, but we have great difficulty meeting them. Only Mr VINCENT in Arivonimamo explained to us how to proceed. Our results are not yet very conclusive.
Uapaca Bojeri is the vernacular name of our TAPIA. It is endemic to our ITASY region, on the Hauts-Plateaux of Madagascar. Or in the region south of Antsirabe to the north of Ambositra.
TAPIA has 2 interesting properties:
  • It is used to harbor the wild silkworm, LANDIBE.
  • Its thick bark allows it to withstand bush fires, which are very common in our area.
In recent decades, this tree has tended to disappear. The villagers do not cultivate or carry out any replanting. It grows in the wild. In fact, silkworms are disappearing and all the trades that go with it, in particular the weaving of LAMBAS. Producers complain about this disappearance.
Gold mining in the Soamahamanina and Miarinarivo II zones, Miarinarivo district, Itasy Region which will be practiced by the Chinese company called XIUJING Sarl is destroying in the 48 ha of Uapaca bojeri or Tapia west of Atanananarivo

Source : Wikipedia

Some attempts to promote TAPIA, a tree to be protected, exist. Research Gate, among others.
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