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Soutenir un micro-projet durable

The next scheduled projects (October 2019) :

    • The hat operation for each child (M-C M., Ile de France, donated 300 euros, which will also be used for the frying pan and solar cooker for the teachers)
    • The reforestation day operation (to be scheduled in early of April with parents)
    • The first aid room (C.LT, nurse in Loire Atlantique, gathers the necessary for a first emergency kit) : completed
    • the large school canteen project and its vegetable garden (the vegetable garden is demarcated but still needs major redevelopment work.) : In progress October 2020
    • The library with its octagonal tower: (We had contacted TELMA Madagascar, for a grant request. File to be written)
    • The computer room on the first floor (solar electrification and equipment, see TELMA or another partnership)
    • The canteen room for teachers (self-financing)
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