Making a donation to support LOHARANOSOA micro-projects or a canteen project is easy and helps us a lot.

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Toute la grande famille de LOHARANOSOA vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2022 ! Et Bonne Santé à tous ! The whole LOHARANOSOA family wishes you a happy new year 2022! And good health to all!

You ask Us How to donate directly :

Comment faire un don et être sur que cela arrive à la Direction sans intermédiaire ? Quel est ou sera le cout pour la création d'une cantine ?

To answer you precisely, your donation will be collected directly by Marinah the director on behalf of the LOHARANOSOA association. No intermediary receives compensation on the few donations we receive. For information, the school has existed for 6 school years and Marinah has not received any salary for 4 years. Everything is self-financed from our own funds.
Comment faire un don et être sur que cela arrive à la Direction sans intermédiaire?Second, regarding the construction of the canteen, it has been underway for almost 1 year (2020).
Comment faire un don à l'école LOHARANOSOA en 2021 et 2022 ?Progress as of 11/27/2021: put the building out of the water as quickly as possible: the rain is coming.[/caption] We have committed and spent 15,000,000 Ariary, or around 3,300 euros. We went over budget. There remains the roof to be installed and the frames, the paving…. And the cash to run the canteen on a daily basis. We estimated this work at 20,000,000 Ariary or approximately 4400 euros. The price of the roof alone is estimated at 7,000,000 ariary or 1550 euros. This pose is the most urgent because the rain is coming.

Who are our donors to date?

Marie-Claude & Family

Christine Le Talour

Les Amis de Budos

Other micro-projects exist. We want small groups of donors to commit to these projects. They are quickly achievable and so they can see the results of donations after 1 or 2 or 3 months. This concerns the construction of chalets, the computer room (when we will have electricity), hand washing devices, new sanitary block, salles de classes etc.

So, any help would be welcome. We also want to help young people who have dropped out of school or who have dropped out of CEPE (7ème, CM2). But we can't be everywhere. For the 2020-2021 school year, there are 104 students from class T1 to the third class. We are located at 1 hour from Antananarivo, Madagascar. We are at your disposal to discuss it on whatsapp 261 32 48 108 33. The time difference is +2 hours if you are in France. (6 p.m. in Madagascar, 4 p.m. in Paris).

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