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In January 2019, we found that children suffer during recreation from strong exposure to sunlight. Indeed, the playground is located west of the college. This slope is very exposed to the sun from 11 o'clock in the morning.

chantier chalet
The site before our action !

The location does not have trees to shade the children. Apart from a few "carpet" trees, largely insufficient. The children will take shelter with the 5 or 6 trees available while the college welcomes more than 75 students.

To solve and bring some shade, we imagined to create shelters in the form of chalets or pergolas.

We talked to some of our contacts and parents.

Mr and Mrs Depaule-Waterloot answered this and helped us for 100 euros this month of January 2019. Who are our first donors for this project: Mr and Mrs D., in France. I met them a few years ago when I sold their homes. I was real estate agent in Vitry-Sur-Seine, France.

When I explained the project, they did not hesitate to participate by a donation of 100 euros for this month of January 2019.

This is enough to carry out this project of solar shelter.

While the parents of the students at the parents' meeting in early January offered their help: they do not have much money, but they will come with "their arms" and spades!

As soon as the bank transfer was effective, we started the project. There will be 2 phases of construction. One with a first group of parents in early February and the other in mid-February. Thanks to the donation, we provide roundwoods, meals and drinks during construction.

The parents also provide thatch for the roof. After long discussions at the site, we discussed tucking the piece of land south of the cottage site into a small shady garden. With the ideas of each other, the garden will be covered with grass like the steps of the cottage. The entrance to the chalet is lined with vetivers. As well as the south side garden edge.

During the second project, the parents flattened part of the ground with steps and enlarged the ground so that the children could play football and run at their ease. As with each site, it was an opportunity to create and consolidate an atmosphere of working together. And some have enjoyed the new location so much that some ladies have talked about celebrating Easter Monday at this location. We are very open to this idea. Others have suggested to participate once a month on a Saturday morning. That's good, because we intended to become a green school in the medium term.

If you too would like to sponsor a microproject, contact us!

The next projects are :

  • Hat operation for each child

  • The operation day of reforestation

  • The first aid room

  • And finally, the next big project of school canteen and library

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