We met on a Facebook page ORINASA SAVONY GASY and the idea came to us to ask them as technical partner of our College Loharanosoa as part of a personal hygiene soap operation.

2 reasons for this operation

First, we want to make our site a technological showcase of the know-how of Malagasy artisans. Faced with the technical problems we encounter on a daily basis, our craftsmen have durable solutions to offer. We are not closed to outside help, but our experience brought us parachuted solutions that did not respond to local realities. The only entities that it enriched were the so-called humanitarian associations, which did not carry out any analysis of what existed before bringing in and having their "partner companies" purchase the equipment they had in stock in their garages.

That being said, we are open to any synergy that brings mutual and lasting enrichment while preserving the interests of the villagers.

Presentation of SAVONY GASY

And ORINASA SVONY GASY meets all these criteria according to the preliminary discussion we had.

Yes ! We do not have a promo budget, we fund the school ourselves as you saw on our website. We are looking for partners to communicate ...

The manager is from Antsirabe, he studied chemical engineering at the Polytechnic School of Antananarivo ESPA. He lives and works in Toamasina now.

From his studies naturally come the desire to meet one of the primary needs of the Malagasy population: access to cleanliness and hygiene with products within the budget of families Malagasy.

Here is a panel of their products.


Savon de menage hafa kely

Miavaka noho ny hatsarany.

- Manadio aok'izany

- Mandroatra tsara

-Tapitra hatreo ny fampiasana vovon-tsavony rehefa manasa lamba

- Mampangirana sy manala menaka amin'ny lovia

- Voamarina ara-pahasalamana

- Tsy misy fofona

- Mateza ary tsy lotsiky ny rano

Lanjany: 70 grs

Vidiny: 600 ar ny singany

19000 ar ny 1 carton de 36 pieces

Manasa antsika rehetra hanjifa satria efa maro ireo mampiasa azy ka afa-po daholo

Afaka manao livraison izahay

Commande: Tana: mp na 034 29 616 24

Tamatave: 034 84 711 10

Antsirabe: 034 52 664 84

Toerana: Manakambahiny akaikin'ny Pharmacie Itokiana


Our Objectives for Operation SAVONY GASY

The objective of the operation is first of all educational. Our College enters its third year of existence, from the primary class to the fifth grade. The importance of passing on hygiene, among other values, is one of our priorities as educators. And the pedagogical team struggles every day to keep children in a good state of hygiene: nails, hand washing, snouts in winter, cleanliness of the hair and other subjects ... like the protection of the environment.

Our new partner seems to share the same values.

Loharanosoa College Global Communication

The College was funded on our own, we have not had any grants or financial partners to date. Salaries of teachers are paid in full by school fees and the financial contribution of our personal work. We have not reached our break-even point yet, far from it.

We contacted some newspapers or magazines to broadcast the operation: the free magazine NO COMMENT, The Madagascar Express or Midi Madagascar.

We have created our own website: https://itasy.org. You will find our photos and our presentation, our objectives, projects in progress or in search of funding.

It is planned, in our approach of global communication to open an account Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Date of operation SOAP 2019

At the last parents' meeting, the date of January The 31th was proposed.

How will the operation take place?

ORINASA SAVONY GASY had agreed to send us by bush taxi a box of 100 soaps of different kinds. For this operation, we will distribute them free of charge to the children, 80 pupils and teachers. We believe that, afterwards, after use, the satisfied parents, just like the customers of ORINASA SAVONY GASY, will be able to get them and to buy them from the College. And to make them known to the other villages, more than 1000 inhabitants of the 5 villages of the valley, who have children enrolled in the college. Our partner will find, naturally, its benefit and spread its reputation.

During the day, we plan to take a lot of photos and videos for promotional purposes for the college and our partner.

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